Dear Clive Hamilton, is "ethics professor" australian slang for moron?

Uproar in Australia Over Plan to Block Web Sites

But ethics professor Clive Hamilton, in a column on the popular Australian Web site Crikey.com, scoffed at what he called ''Net libertarians,'' who believe freedom of speech is more important than limiting what children can access online.

''The Internet has dramatically changed what children can see,'' said the professor at Charles Sturt University in Canberra, noting that ''a few extra clicks of a mouse'' could open sites with photos or videos of extreme or violent sex. ''Opponents of ISP filters simply refuse to acknowledge or trivialize the extent of the social problem.''
Dear Pr. Moron-Fuckhead, What you don't seem to understand, and that is completely obvious to us "net libertarians", is that even if your stupid retarded moronic schemes worked as intended (and they won't, because they can't), they would be completely fucking useless anyway. Think about it. Suppose your braindead filters worked. What have you achieved? Aussies can't see pædoporn on the web. Alright. Now what? What's the difference? How does that protect the children? If there's a picture of a crime on the internet, and nobody's looking at it ... does that make the crime go away? Come to think of it, it worked for the boogieman when I was a kid. I hid under the bed sheets, and it never got to me. In other words, you can have the mind of a five year old and get a job as a professor in Canberra.

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